Hurts — Some Kind of Heaven
H-Tr3S — Recuerdos
Hurray for the Riff Raff — St Roch Blues Acoustic
Hurts — Blind
Hurts — Blood, Tears And Gold
Hurts — Help
H R Jothipala — Me Nonimena Divi Gamane
H R Jothipala — Neela Dasa Pura
H. R. Palmer — Yield Not To Temptation
H-Tr3S — Donde Estas
H R Jothipala — Jeewithe Tharunakale
H R Jothipala — Mahada Namathi Wana Bambara
H R Jothipala — Mal Wehi Seethala Mal Wesse
H R Jothipala — Me Gee Kata Dai
H R Jothipala — Me Jeewanaye
Hootie & the Blowfish — Lonely On A Saturday Night
Hot Mulligan — Buy A Fire Extinguisher Before You Need A Fire Extinguisher
H.P. Lovecraft — Spin Spin Spin
H.P. Lovecraft — Thats How Much I Love You Baby More Or Less
Hrdza — Na horach byva
Homie — Сука соси
HOMIE, Без Билета — Мой ангел
H. Ona Sutra — Bukan Dia
H. Ona Sutra — Sisa Sisa Cinta
Honeymoon Suite — Wave Babies
Hollywood — Susan Killed The Cat
Hollywood undead — Day Of The Dead
Hollywood undead — Let Go
Hollywood undead — Lion
Hombres G — No Te Puedo Besar
HIM — HIM — Wicked Game
Hinder — Lips Of An Angel
Hindi Zahra — The Moon is Full
Hollywood — On My Own
HIM — HIM — Heaven Tonight
HIM — HIM — Love
HIM — HIM — Love You Like I Do
HIM — HIM — Pretending
HIM — HIM — The Funeral Of Hearts
Hi Ho — Horizon
Hillsong United — Hillsong United – Empires
Hillsong Worship — Resurrender
HIM — Again
HIM — HIM — Beautiful
Hi-Fi — Childhood
Hi-Fi — Мы не ангелы
Hi-Fi — Не Покидай
Highlight — Calling You
Highlight — Sleep Tight
H.E.R.O. — Fall and Fade