10,000 Fathers — Mercy

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G                 Am7
Mercy morning by morning
             C                G
Never stops rising, new every day
G                   Am7
Mercy sweet as the sunrise
               C                  G
Bright as the daylight after the rain

[Verse 1]
C                                  G
Walked through the valley of the shadow
C                                           G
Felt the pain of the darkest night
C          Csus             G    D/F#   Em
But then I broke through my fear and pride
        A7                  D
Only to find, there all the time

[Verse 2]
C                                   G
Walked in the light and found my freedom
C                           G
Known the joys of abundant life
C          Csus        G  B7    Em
Fallen and feared I’d be despised
         A7                  D
Only to find, there all the time

Gmaj7  Am7   Am7  Gmaj7
Gmaj7  Am7  Cmaj7 Gmaj7 G7

[Verse 3]
C                   G
I cannot control tomorrow
C                     G
I can trust You here today
C      Csus             G      B7  Em
I will follow ‘til the promised day
                A7                  D
When everything fades, but mercy remains

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