Aaron Carter — Saturday Night

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Aaron Carter
Saturday Night

Everywhere I go
Somebody I know
C                      D
Is gonna kick it with me
Saturday night
          D                    C    D
And we're gonna have a party (2X)

G              D
Tonight is the night
       C              D
feelin right, smell a party
Em           D
im callin my boys
                  C    D
to come roll with me
G          D
end of the week
word on the street
the strip is crawlin
Em               D                   C      D
with honeys that cant get enough of me
           Em      D      C   D
theres is something in the air
          Em             D    C      D
come with me , we can go anywhere

Chorus (x2)

lose track of time
its gonan fly
baby dont have no worries
cuz there aint no better place to be ( no no)

its after midnight
everythings goin right
your the only one for me
im your only invatation to the after party

there is somthing in the air
just take my hand, we can go anywhere

Chorus (x2)

bump bump

chicka chicka
bump bump
play some music
cause im crusin in my truck, now
with my peoples and im doin what i want
have a party and get up in the stuff
its a saturday night
now its like a party day
got no worries
so party like its a holiday
hey , hey
now we gotta go
hey , hey
what you say

everywhere we go its on
saturday night
(yeah) we will party, all night long
saturday night

Chorus (x4)

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