Aaron Pritchett — Light It Up

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Aaron Pritchett - Light it up

Verse 1:
 E                  A
there's a dirt road out where the block top

 E         A
ends, down past where the river 

 E           A                    D
Bends, turn left when you see the barn

thats eddies farm

       E              A
there's beer kegs and f-150's

 E       A
Country girls lookin' pretty

 E       A                     D
good ole boys gettin' good and loud

Its a rowdy crowd


B                      A
but it aint a party

B                       A
we aint set the scene

B                                           A
till big joe walks over to the brush pile

with a can of kerosene


       E             G
and we light it up, tailgates down

       A                        D       A
theres a little brown jug we're passin' around

        E              G               A      D A
fillin' little red cups,  its powerful stuff 

 E                G
Out in the sticks we aint shy

A                         D      A
gunna set it off like the 4th of july

E                     G         A
All week longs been a slow fuse burnin'

    D     A
but tonight, were gunna light it up


Verse 2 

till friday were salves to the same old grind
but today we can all unwind
hey everybody's feelin' fine
in the fire light

theres a redhead lookin pretty smokin
Hot in her red and white polka 
dot dress man she sure looks fine 
oh here she comes

Pre-chorus 2:

Lord i'd love to have her teach me a thing or two
that girl she's a little fire cracker
how bout me and you

Chorus (2 times)

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