Yes — Lightning Strikes

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This song gets bad rep. I personally love it. A lot. It sounds a lot like 
Christopher Owens during the acoustic part in the beginning. Anyway, here it is.

By the way, the time signature is an awkward 7/8. Be careful. 

D G A x3
Higher octave

D                                              G           A               D
Whatcha gonna do when the lightning strikes and hits you?
D                                         G            A                 D
Who ya gonna call for the secret of stealing the world?
D                                        G              A             D
Swimming in this ocean of words on your new cellphone.
D                                     G            A      D
Diving for the wisdom of pearls in your eyes.
G A        Come on!
D                                            G            A                D
Whatcha gonna do when the lightning strikes and hits you?
D                                               G      A               D
How ya gonna laugh when the joker forgets his lines?
D                                     G        A             D
Stepping off a cloud into space whatever greets you.
D                                         G             A       D
Show me how you got this award for being alive.
D7                  G         A        D7
Waking up, is waking to the power.
D7                   G           A       D7
Dancing up, is dancing till the dawn.
F                           Bb        C          F
Talk, talk, talk, will always get you some place.
Bb C
D                      G             A         D
Shake it up, 'n' shake me till I'm done. 

That's basically how it is for the rest so here's the rest of the lyrics and other little notes.

Shake it up now!

She-ay doo-wap-bap x4

Who ya gonna call when the power begins to chase you?
Spinning out of shape now you're learning to live again.
Fastening your seatbelt tonight it could get jumpy.

Showing me the good 'n' that life is not in vain.           
(This line starts the same but does a little run that goes up into some cool accidentals)

(Back to the D7)
Take, take, take, 'n' take me through the lightning.
Walk don't talk me always on the run.
Ride it out, until you get the picture.
Shake it up, and let me get me some.

Let me get me some!

(This part's main focus is on bass, but when it does the little double strum its on a D)
E-ay he say,
Touch it together,
Touching my spirit,
Touching my feeling.    x4

(This chorus makes a little variation from the other 2)
Talk, talk, talk, keep moving 'round in circles.
Moving till the moon is on the run.
Take me, take me, take me, to the new day.
Take me out and let me get me some.
Take, take, take, and dance me through the lightning.
Moving to the left 'n' to the sun.

(Main riff again)
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Help me get me some! Yeah!
Help me get me some! Yeah!

Ooh yeah! x7

And that's it. End on D.
Thanks! Rate this whatever, I don't really care.

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