Yes — Madrigal

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Great song from "Tormato" album. This is the first song I tab, and I think it's OK. Any 
wil be welcomed.

INTRO: D – G – A - G

D			G
I will be there said my friend of a distant life
A			      G
Covered in greens of a golden age, set in stone
D			      G
Follow me, "he sounded of dreams supreme" follow me
A				G
Drifting within the glow and the after-glow of the eve

Bm			       Em			    Bm	Em
And if that firelight, I could match the inner flame
Bm			C	      G A
Sacred ships do sail the seventh age


D			   G
Cast off your garments of fear, replace them with love
A			   G
Most of all play with the game of the age
D		      G
Highest of places remain all as one with you
A			G
Giving us light and the freedom of the day

Guitar Solo: F#m - D - Bm - G - E - C#m - A

And if that firelight,
        D                     Bm G
I could match the inner flame
Em			   C
Sacred ships do sail the seventh age
G			  A
And have always been here

D			    G
Celestial travellers have always been here with us
A			    G
Set in the homes of the universe we have yet to go
D			    G
Countless expansions will arrive and flow inside of us
A			    G
My friend, he of fantasy, dancing with the spirit of the age

OUTRO (Not sure): Bm - Em - Bm - Em - Bm


Plese, any correction will be welcomed at [email protected]! Thanks for reading this!
Greetings from Argentina.

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